6m2 Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter (Available for Fast Delivery)

6m2 panel side(r)


dcc 6m2-manifold side(r)

The 6m2 Horizontal Vacuum Belt filter built and commissioned by Polyfilters 3 years ago and used on the effluent plant of a vegetable processor.

The plant has now been re-configured and the filter is no longer required. Rather than it going to a used equipment dealer, they have asked if we could help in finding a buyer for the filter.


Filter The filter has all polypropylene wetted parts and, as part of the standard design, it has an extraction hood fitted. The filter has a grade 304 stainless steel framework and the cloth movement is pneumatically operated. The construction is modular in 2 metre increments, so it can easily be reconfigured as 4m2, 8m2 or extended even more to suit your requirements. It is easily modified for cake washing applications, either single or counter current stages.

Vacuum Station This comprises a 30kW Vacuum pump with partial ring water recirculation. The recovered liquor is collected in a BS4994 polypropylene vessel.
The vessel has sufficient tappings to permit a sight glass and level control using Vega Instruments utrasonics or similar.

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