Energy Saving for Motors

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Energy Saving for AC Induction Motors

When fitted to almost any AC Induction motor Somar Powerboss Integra can produce energy savings of between 10 and 30%, saving industry millions of pounds in wasted energy. The payback is usually less than 2 years.



Integra SI

Almost 70% of all industrial electricity is consumed by electric motors.

The humble AC Induction motor can consume electricity worth almost twenty times its initial capital cost in ONE YEAR !


Intelligent Energy Savings

When a motor is operating under less than full load a large amount of energy is being wasted. Both NASA and the British Energy Efficiency Office have stated “in typical applications, levels of utilisation are approximately 50% with power losses estimated to be between 40% and 80% of the motor full load rating”. Although they play a vital role in modern life in the production of almost all products, industry pays dearly for these inefficiencies. POWERBOSS can recover these losses, reduce costs and thus increase profits!

Somar Integra Powerboss utilises a powerful micro-controller, which continuously monitors motor ‘efficiency’ and ensures the right amount of power is used to complete the job of work. Even slight changes in demand will be recognised. Powerboss responds immediately by matching the input power exactly as the load changes – thus saving energy!

*Powerboss is available from 1.5kW to 450kW

Soft Start and Soft Stop

When starting, an AC Induction motor develops more torque than is required at full speed. This stress is transferred to the mechanical transmission system resulting in excessive wear and premature failure of chains, belts, gears, mechanical seals, etc. Additionally, rapid acceleration also has a massive impact on electricity supply charges with high inrush currents drawing 6 – 9 times the normal run current. The use of Star Delta only provides a partial solution to the problem. Should the motor slow down during the transition period the high peaks are repeated and can even exceed direct on line current. Powerboss provides a reliable and economical solution to these problems by delivering a controlled release of power to the motor, thereby providing smooth, stepless acceleration and deceleration. Motor life can be extended as damage to windings and bearings is reduced.











Soft Start & Soft Stop is built into 3 phase Somar Integra Powerboss units providing controlled starting and stopping with a selection of ramp times and current limit settings to suit all applications.

  • Less mechanical stress.
  • Improved power factor.
  • Lower maximum demand.
  • Less mechanical maintenance.

Soft Start and Soft Stop is especially useful with pumping fluids where torque transients often cause water hammer effects, and in some instances, failure to gradually slow the fluid down before stopping, can cause the kinetic energy to rupture pipes and couplings.

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