Energy Saving Applications

Energy Saving / Powerboss Applications

Note! Powerboss is an Auditable Asset for ISO°14001 Accreditation.


Brake Press Sartec (Birmingham), the largest press working company in the UK have fitted Powerboss units and achieved a staggering 35% reduction in electricity consumption. Powerboss reduced the motors electricity consumption by 14% during press operations, the additional 21% was achieved by Powerboss detecting periods of no load and switching off the motor.


Aerospatiale, the French aircraft manufacturer, installed a 150kW Powerboss to a twin screw compressor fitted with a 132kW Siemens motor. Powerboss produces an annualised saving of 30,572kWh. This represents a simple payback of just over 1 year.

Centrifugal Pumps

A centrifugal pump fitted with a 22 kW electric motor circulates the water around a number of shell and tube heat exchangers and then to a cooling tower. The circuit cools hydraulic oil and operates for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The duty point was measured at 16.1 kW with the annual running cost of the pump estimated at £ 5,950.00 (£ 0.044/kw/hr.) A Powerboss dynamic motor optimiser, was fitted to the motor and the electricity consumed reduced to 10.5 kW. The trial showed that the purchase cost of the Powerboss would be recovered in just 28 weeks. There after the £ 1,099.00 saving in the annual running cost would move to the other side of the balance sheet!

Rock Crusher

A 400kW ‘Rockmill’ capable of crushing 65 tonnes of granite in around 5 minutes was suffering from excessive starting currents, even when started unloaded. A Powerboss PSO 400 provided an effective soft start solution with complete motor and system management. It was noticed that the motor spent over 40 minutes in each hour operating in either a low, or unloaded condition. During these periods Powerboss reduces the power consumed from 181kW to 153kW. The soft starter that paid for itself!


A drying oven, which operates for 24 hours per day and 5 days per week, incorporates 6 – 11kW fans, which have a measured duty point of 8.7kW . When fitted with the Powerboss dynamic motor controller and energy optimiser the power reduced 5.36kW The purchase cost of the Powerboss was recovered in 27 weeks. Once fitted to all six fans, the annual running cost of the oven will reduce by more than £5,000.

Machine Tools

At Volvo in Sweden, a 22kW Powerboss was installed in a line where the engine blocks are treated. The motor operates under load 36% of the time and off load 64% of the time. The metered energy savings of active power were 9% under load and 28% when idling. Reactive power savings were 25% and 45% respectively. Payback was calculated at 298 days.

Contact Free Starting

Powerboss can also be used for contactor-less switching of frequently starting motors, such as are used on reciprocating compressors.

Other Applications

These are just a small selection of applications. Others are as diverse as a Vacuum Pump at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, to sewage and potable water pumps. From compressors in a British Rail Engineering workshop to lathes and grinders in a factory making wood burning stoves. For many people massive increases in energy costs have become an unpleasant fact of life. Now you can do something about it !

A Proven Product

Powerboss has grown out of over two decade of research and development in the field of intelligent motor control. There are now literally hundreds of satisfied customers across thousands of installations, saving industry millions of pounds in energy costs. Powerboss has full CE certification and is year 2000 compliant. A corporate product support video is now available which features Powerboss in environmental test laboratories and application case studies.

Who Are We?

AJM Energy is an Authorised Distributor of Powerboss and was formed to handle sales to specific industries within Great Britain. Trading as AJM Filtration we have many years experience with filters, slurry pumps, water pumps and compressors mainly into the Chemical Industry, Steel Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Water and Sewage, Paper and Board mills etc.