Vacuum Belt Filters

Vacuum Belt Filters


An Introduction to Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters

Based upon the principles of the laboratory Buchner, the POLYFILTER Horizontal Process Filter is probably the most versatile filter in the market place today. If your product, or effluent sludge, can be filtered in the laboratory on a Buchner filter, it can be filtered on the on the plant with the POLYFILTER Horizontal Process Filter.

Schematic Showing the Principles of Operation


The Concept

The Horizontal Process Filter is very similar to the more traditional Horizontal Vacuum belt filter, but where it differs is in the mechanical operation. Rather than moving the filter cloth like a continuously moving conveyor belt, the Polyfilter advances the cloth with a precise and repeatable indexing action. The Polyfilter can be considered simply as a series of stationary vacuum compartments, over which, an endless filter cloth moves, in a controlled cycle. Each compartment is a separate processing unit. This has numerous advantages which are explained in more detail in filter cake washing.

The great thing about a Polyfilter is the capital cost. Usually they are less than half the price of more traditional equipment, such as centrifuges, rotary vacuum filters, filter presses and rubber carrier belt type, Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters.

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Polyfilter Pictured here is a continuously operating POLYFILTER which replaced a very labour intensive batch type pressure filter in the production of Copper Oxide. After separating the ammonia laden mother liquor, the filter cake is washed with water to remove residual chloride. The cake has a final moisture content of 12%.

A short A-Z of typical applications: – Aluminium Powder, Borax, Calcium Carbonate, Dyestuffs, EDTA, Ferric Chloride, Gypsum, HMX, Illmenite, KCL, Molecular Sieves, Nickel Chloride, Penicillin, RDX, Sodium Sulphate, Terepthalic acid, Urea Prills, Vermiculite, Zirconium.

Any product that can be filtered in YOUR laboratory on a Buchner Filter!

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